Traditional Native Basket Making


Making a gift basket is easy, and it is not just limited to taking a wicker basket and filling it up with gifts. Here are three simple gift basket making ideas that you can use to give gift baskets for any occasion.

Native American basket weaving is alive and well today and is far from being a forgotten art form. Indian artists use their own creativity to produce beautiful works of woven art while keeping to design tradition. The baskets were always made with an eye for beauty, although originally they were made to function. The very shapes are soothing to behold. Native American baskets are usually created with a decorative woven pattern. A certain tribe or region of the country will offer different patterns in their basket weaving.


The art of weaving Native American Baskets is over 7,000 years old. During that long span of years, many techniques for basket making have evolved. As with many of their artistic efforts, the different tribes developed individual styles. And, the variation would be not only stylistic, but would relate to the materials used. Indians were able to use the materials at hand to produce their baskets, everything from sweet grass to pine needles to wicker, and more. The shapes and sizes vary according to function, but all are created with an eye for beauty.


Indian basket weavers generally use one of several techniques to make baskets. One of the most commonly used techniques is coiling. Coiling is often used to make baskets out of pine needles or grass. Designs can be integrated into the basket as the artist weaves, making it a unique and special creation. Southwest Indians have used wicker in basket making for many years. When making wicker baskets, both Sumac and Willow switches are generally the materials used. Other than baskets, plaques made of wicker have become popular for use in ceremonies. These basket plaques are bright and cheerful, featuring many traditional designs. checkout this link for more details.




A Native American basket will definitely add a decorative touch when decorating in a rustic or southwestern style. A valued addition to any room, a beautiful woven or coiled basket can show off the skills of the artisan. Dramatic displays can be created not only with baskets, but with basket plaques. Much like paintings might be used, these plaques can be used as a visual focal point on a wall. The tradition and culture of Native Americans can be brought into any home with the baskets made by skilled Indian men and women. What better way to enliven your home decorating than with a product of Native American imagination and skill. Learn more latest news at


No matter the size of basket, they are stunning to behold. And, as time has gone by, new ideas and innovations have been incorporated into traditional methods. The availability of different types of baskets has grown. Indian baskets can range in size from tiny ones that will fit on the palm of your hand to one’s large enough to carry firewood. The size of most baskets will fall between those extremes, however.

Gift baskets are one of the most versatile gift ideas that can be used on any occasion. Whether it is for Easter, Christmas, baby showers, bridal showers, and birthdays, among others, you could give a great gift basket.