MembershipThe following membership options are offered:

An individual artist can join for $35/year and pay 35% commission to the gallery, or for the first year of membership can join with no fee and pay 45% commission to the gallery. Volunteers who staff the gallery receive a reduction in their commissions of 2.5% per half day worked, up to 4 days a month. This reduction is calculated monthly but any extra hours can be ‘banked’ for use at a later date.

Families, including up to three family members residing in the same home, can join for $60/year, and enjoy the same reduction in commission rates for volunteering time to the gallery. Each family member must submit a separate application.

As a member you will receive:

  • An invitation to submit work to Two Rivers Gallery (all work is juried by the current Board)
  • Information on Two Rivers Gallery activities
  • Access to gallery equipment and resources
  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting
  • A chance to meet with other artists and artisans

Although the membership year is from May-April we accept applications for membership on an ongoing basis. Submit 3 examples of your current work, an artist biography, and a completed membership application.

There are three easy ways to join or renew your membership. Download the Membership Form Here, then:

  • Bring your completed application, biography and samples of your work into the gallery where you can pay the membership dues by cash, check or credit card.
  • Call (541) 783-3326 and speak to a volunteer, or leave a message and a volunteer will call you back to take down your credit card information.
  • Mail your check, credit card information or money order to 
Two Rivers Gallery, PO Box 382, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

Two Rivers Treasures Resale Shop

Current and fully paid members of TRVA may participate in this ongoing fundraiser. You may bring in items that are not necessarily handmade or art, to sell in the Treasures resale shop. All items must be juried by a Board member, and must be of good quality . Nothing can be brought in and left – it must be brought in by appointment, when a Board member is the volunteer for that day.

All items sold at Treasures are subject to a 40% commission rate and volunteering does not offset that rate. A separate application is required to take part in this program, and you may download the application here.


yard sale 2010Get involved… it’s a great way to become active in your art community, make friends, network, hone your current skills, learn new ones and build your professional resume.

Our dedicated, enthusiastic team of volunteers provides vital support to Two Rivers Gallery. The gallery has no paid employees, and relies entirely on volunteers to staff the gallery, assist at special events, and do a variety of other jobs.

For those artists who volunteer to staff the gallery we offer a sliding scale reduction in commission depending on the number of hours worked, 10% discount on supplies and free use of workrooms.

Friends of Two Rivers Gallery who generously donate their time but do not display art in the gallery, pay no membership fee and receive a $25 gift certificate to use in the gallery for every 12 full days volunteered.

Email email hidden; JavaScript is required or call Two Rivers Gallery at 541-783-3326 to ask that the Volunteer Coordinator (Joan Rowe) get in touch with you to talk about volunteering opportunities.


All artwork is juried by at least three current Board Members before it accepted for display.

Commission checks are processed at the beginning of each month for the previous month. If you will not be coming into the gallery to pick up your check, then provide the gallery with 6 self-addressed, stamped envelopes that we can use to mail you your commission check.

In order to pay the highest commission possible and still operate the gallery, we pass on the fees charged by the credit card company for patrons that pay for your artwork with their credit card; this charge is 3%.

Artists should replace old art with new every 90 days and not wait to be called. Accepted art will be placed in the gallery by the Display Committee. The display committee will not display any artwork that is damaged or in an unacceptable condition. The Display Committee may choose not to rotate some art.

Artists may NOT display their own work. It must be placed in the storage room for the Display Committee to display.

It is the responsibility of each artist to complete their own labels and inventory sheets. Artists must put inventory codes as described in the membership application, on each piece of art. This code can be hand written on the artist card that is attached to the artwork or a computerized label can be used. Any art submitted that does not include the code will not be accepted.

A copy of the inventory list originally submitted by the artist will be kept at the gallery. It is the responsibility of the artist to update their individual inventory lists if items are removed from the gallery.

Annual dues are to be paid in the month of April. If dues have not been paid by June 1st, artwork will be removed from the floor and placed in the storage room. If artwork is not picked up by July 1st of the year, unless special arrangements have been made, the items will become the property of Two Rivers Village Arts (TRVA) to dispose of as the Board of Directors sees fit, with no compensation to the artist.

Work is placed in the gallery at the artist’s own risk. It is fully understood that TRVA and/or CVIP is not responsible for any loss or damage to any artwork on display in the Two Rivers Gallery.