5 Important Items to Note When Redesigning Your Website

A primary benefit to moving your business online is the ease of which you can adapt your online presence for shifts in consumer spending trends. And while it’s easy enough to build a website and move your inventory and details into the cloud, designing how your page looks and how users interact with it is not such as easy task.


There are five top design aspects to consider when creating your website, below is further information.


5 Important Items to Note When Redesigning Your Website

There is no doubt that the presentation image of your website reflects your company’s brand, however, it’s the presentation which is the key. It’s the presentation which needs to be entirely customer focused. When designing your site, create a small internal working group made of client facing employees to provide usability feedback throughout the design and build phase. This is the best way to ensure that your website will be presented in a way which promotes customer engagement as the people who sell to your customers will have been part of its design.


Take Further Advantage of Your Employees

You don’t want to open up your website to your client’s until it’s ready, but how else can you get a large number of testers?


Once you are ready for launch, open up your final website design to your company’s intranet and encourage your staff to engage with it. Of course, this website won’t actually ship any items or process any transaction, but having such a large test base challenge the site’s usability will give you valuable feedback to help make small yet important tweaks to your design before putting it out into the world.


Fancy Is Good, Function Is Better

Do you know how many transactions or orders a stunning looking website with a faulty payment system processes a day? Zero. Why? Because the designer spent too much time or too much of the budget on how the website looked that they didn’t have enough of either to fund the back-end of the site.


With this in mind, stay mindful of where your time and funds are being allocated. If you are limited in your budget, consider sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Namecheap to reduce your site’s hosting costs.


All or Nothing

Your website and company aren’t going to benefit from simply changing the colors on your site or replacing the logo with an updated version. This just wastes time and money. Instead, when taking the time to redesign your website, be sure to give it a thorough redesign. Replace all of your product photos and descriptions so that customers who visit can enjoy an entirely fresh experience and give you the opportunity to create a fresh start and engage them on a new level.


Work With Devices

Just because you use a computer the majority of your time doesn’t mean that everybody else does. In fact, modern spending trends see consumers spending more and more time shopping on their mobile devices.


For this reason, it’s important to keep your site adaptable. High-quality web designers can help you to create a website which can identify the type of browser or device a customer is using and adapts its design accordingly. This is a great benefit to ensuring potential customers can quickly and comfortably engage with your site, no matter which device they are using.


Redesigning your website is a great way to re-engage old customers and create a new image for new potential customers. However, if done incorrectly, it can lead to a serious decrease in sales and engagement. Be sure to keep these five tips in mind when undertaking the task to help you create a productive and stunning website.