Uncool the new cool

geek culture

Comic book movies craze

This year has seen the release of several comic book based movies, leading the pack has been Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice which has attracted both criticism and praise from the public but one cannot deny the buzz it has created in the film industry. The meteoric rise in demand for comic book adapted movies has been nothing but phenomenal. This has led to both comic book fans and moviegoers asking for more. However, this brings up a question, why the popularity?

Cool or uncool

The concept of cool in pop-culture has never been associated with geeks, they were like water and oil, but there seems to be a change. This shift has been catapulted by the success enjoyed by comic book based movies and franchises. The terms big budget and Marvel or DC have almost become synonymous, and there is promise of more comic book movies in the coming years with DC having their upcoming film Suicide Squad and the recently released Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, which can already be considered a success. One cannot forget the popularity of comic book conventions and one that has been hugely popular in the past few years has been the San Diego Comic book convention. In this convention fans get to see the stars of these movies and interact with them, this is the ultimate embodiment of geek culture as comic book fans have found a place where they can truly be themselves. It is common to find clusters of fans dressed up in colorful costumes as they engage in ‘geeky’ activities.

geek culture

The Revolution

The 1940’s and 50’s are considered to be the time when comic books flourished. This phase saw the introduction of many new characters. Kids at the time would wait for the next releases, but one thing remained constant, comic book lovers were not cool or popular in school, this is evident in popular 1990’s teen movies where the shy and nerdy kids were into comics and the more cool kids were into sports and the girls loved them. However, that is no longer the case in society as geeks are nowadays associated with success and power, given by the development of technological start-ups and billionaires who are geeks.

The Future

There is no doubt that culture remains to be ever evolving in society, but one cannot deny the impact geek culture has had on today’s society, all we can do is be a part of it.