Do you think only boys are attracted towards Comic-Con? It’s time to think again

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Until 2014, the annual Comic-Con conference was often tagged as boys’ club, but 2014s event changed it all. It managed to attract around 65,000 female fans.  This means, half of the audiences were females. The event featured performances from women characters of Marvel comics and female writers of various comics titles were on various panels.

Comic-Con attracts equal number of men and women

Writer and astronomer Phil Plait recently interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about women participating in various entertainment conferences. He suggested that before two decades, the number of women participants in such conferences was lesser. But these days, the number of male and female participants is almost equal.  May it be Comic-Con or convention related to any other genre, most of the ideas attract men and women equally these days.

geek culture

Girls are successfully dominating Comic-Con

Marvel’s editor Jeanine Schaefer has worked on X-Men series’ female characters as well as on-She-Hulk.  On being asked about her opinion regarding a large number of girls showing interest in Comic-Con event, she highlighted the point that social networking sites like Tumbler and Twitter have made women more vocal about these issues.  Women did attend such events in the past, and they do read comics. However, today, the society is more concerned about them, so women and their opinion seem to be more visible everywhere in the world.

Jeanine Schaefer believes that it is social media and events like Comic-Con convention that has helped in bringing like-minded girls together and has made them more visible.

Marvel is hosting a dedicated panel for girls called “Women of Marvel” since last four years. It focuses on female superheroes, along with details regarding the contribution of company’s female editors and writers. According to Schaefer, the response that they get on this panel during Comic-Con is amazing. They enjoy support from both, men and women fans.

It’s cool to be a nerd for girls as well

Jane Espenson also shared her opinion on the issue and highlighted the point that this is the era in which a fantasy show like Game of Thrones has become HBO’s most watched show. She also pointed out that geek culture and being a nerd is considered cool by boys because of TV shows and video games. How can girls stay behind? From characters like Mystique in X-Men and Deanerys in Game of Thrones, badass ladies have created their own fan following, mostly girls.